The Treasury
The Treasury, Rijksakademie van Beeldende kunsten Open Studios, 2024

Megbet, digital typeface, 2023

Perforing Radical Dependency
Performing Radical Dependency, performance program with Pumice Raft, 2023

Keeping Time with the Unrest
Keeping Time With the Unrest, Zalucky Contemporary, 2023

Desperate Hobbies
Desperate Hobbies with Angelica Falkeling, 2023

Let Me Tell You About This Shoe
Let Me Tell You About This Shoe, School of Commons, 2022

Let Me Tell You About This Shoe
Let Me Tell You About This Shoe, School of Commons, 2022

Ongoing Manifesto of Radical Dependency
Ongoing Manifesto of Radical Dependency, School of Commons, 2022

With a view to a later date, or never
With a view to a later date, or never, Badischer Kunstverein, 2021

Glass Workshops
Glass workshops, Badischer Kunstverein, 2021

A Room With Four People
A Room With Four People, Pumice Raft & CONTACT Photography Festival, 2021

forever fever
Forever Fever, Peach, 2021

On Packing Light

On Packing Light, research podcast, 2020

apparatus projects
The Dog Named Sit, Apparatus Projects, 2021

RAAR Radio
RAAR Radio, 2021

Water Saus
Water Sauce, LIFE, 2020

tracking distribution
Tracking Distribution, Index Foundation, 2020

sodden ties
Sodden Ties, 2020

Poetry Jewelry
Poetry Jewelry, 2020

Scarves (ongoing), 2018 –

Human Error

Human Error, sound work for Piet Zwart Institute's Open Studio Radio, 2020

A Manual for Saving Head
A Manual for Saving Head, Zalucky Contemporary, 2019

ongoing glass sculptures, 2018-2019

Bachelor Rat
Bachelor Rat, Available & The Rat and The Bachelor Pad Museum, 2019

Bedroom Singing
Bedroom Singing, Antenne, 2019

You May Bargain
You May Bargain, Het Nieuwe Instituut, 2019

I Went to Your Concert and I Didn't Feel Anything
I Went to Your Concert and I Didn't Feel Anything, Locatie Z, 2019

Lanolin River Water
Lanolin River Water, Available & The Rat, 2018

EXPO Chicago
EXPO Chicago, Chicago

Duck Eats Duck
Duck Eats Duck, Schouwplaats Zuiderpark, 2018

Outdoor School, Banff Center for Arts & Creativity, 2018

Mouth to Mouth Messisteration
Mouth to Mouth Messisteration, The Cabinet, 2018

Backseat Singing
Backseat Singing, 2018

Shanties, 2018

23 Days At Sea, Artist residency on CMA CGM Fidelio freight ship (Vancouver-Shanghai), Access Gallery, 2017-2018

edge up
Edge Up, MAW Gallery, 2017

we of the middling sort
We of the Middling Sort, Zalucky Contemporary, 2017

Spoon Standing on Its Own
A Spoon Standing on Her Own, 2017

23 Days At Sea
23 Days At Sea, Artist Residency on a freight ship travelling from Vancouver to Shanghai

fogo island cyanotype quilt
Cyanotype Quilt, Community-made quilt, Fogo Island, 2016

soft rug and a chirping bird
Soft Rug And A Chirping Bird, AC Repair Co., 2016

babble on
Babble On, Rockaway Topless, 2016

Showroom, Art Museum University of Toronto, 2016

Interiors, NN (Joshua Tree), 2015

the power plant
The Mouth Holds The Tongue, The Power Plant, 2015

fogo island
2015 Visiting Artist Summer Workshops on Fogo Island, 2015

clint roenisch
The Agency of Aquaintances, Clint Roenisch Gallery, 2015

jr projects
Brain Jail, Jr. Projects, 2015

8-11 sauna
Sweat Shorts, 8-11 Gallery, 2015

carrier arts
Noetic on Accident, Carrier Arts Projects, 2015

peregrine program
Several Swallowing Egg Sounds, Peregrine Program, 2015

nodding off with mush, 8-11 Gallery, 2014

gallery 44
Shards (Fermentation of a Whole New Earth), Gallery 44, 2014

birch contemporary
Softening the Corners, Birch Contemporary, 2014

The Pleasure of a Lazy Laity, XPACE Cultural Centre, 2013

Don't Call It A Breakdown, Call It A Breakthrough !, 2013