I (she/her) am a white American-Canadian artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As an artist, I am concerned with how my work emerges in relation to space, histories, and other people, and how to maintain an awareness and acknowledgement of these relations. I have a situated practice both materially and conceptually; I work with what I am in close vicinity to in order to develop a dialogue from my current position historically, geographically, and economically. I am conscious of my role as a maker in a context of excess, and use capitalist culture's flotsam and jetsam to create work that radically reflects a dependency on the present.

My work ranges from sculptures made with found material, to writing and poetry that begins with transcription of live recorded voice, to photographs, sound, and video.

A .PDF version of my CV can be found here.

Current ongoing projects

Along with many others, I run a project space called Available & The Rat from an apartment in the Charlois neighborhood in Rotterdam Zuid.

Recently, I have begun broadcasting some of my research practice and process through episodic sound. On Packing Light is a podcast that speculates, with others, the ways in which capitalism has shaped our relationship to and understanding of our personal belongings, specifically through the personal and political sentimental capacities of textiles and clothing. This project is broadcast live in Rotterdam via WORM Radio, and archived online.

I am also working on a perpetually unfinished project called System of Radical Dependency (first commissioned through a research position at Index Foundation in Stockholm in 2018, and later elaborated with School of Commons in 2022) that aims to acknowledge the dependencies in an artistic practice in order to redefine how artistic practices are represented through online distribution systems. An ongoing and unfinished essay on this work can be read here. As 2023 begins, I'm trying to decide I want to write an essay that I've been saying I'll write as a continuation of this thinking called In Defense of Nepotism. This essay might ultimately be written in collaboration with friend and collaborator Parker Kay (Pumice Raft).


Zalucky Contemporary, a gallery in Toronto, Canada run by Juliana Zalucky.

This Website

The header typeface on this website is G.B.Jones designed by artist Nat Pyper. The font is based on the title sequence of Toronto aritst G.B. JONES' 2008 film THE LOLLIPOP GENERATION, which was made with a Lite Brite toy.