Soft Rug and A Chirping Bird

Solo exhibition at AC Repair Co., Toronto, Canada

May 11 - June 4, 2016

In collaboration with Isis Mulira, Sidney Munroe, Maia Ponikowski, and Charlotte Ronson.

AC Repair Co., a former workshop garage on residential Franklin Avenue in Toronto, now beams white fluorescence after dark. Every thing in the small room is visible through the garage door windows, and every month those things leave and new things come. Sometimes, on a weekday, people fill up the room, and the surrounding yard, and front lot; glass is clinked together, and they talk. On these days there are so many people you can't see the things in the space at all, but presumably, they're there. Are the things there for those people? Are those people there for these things?

Isis Mulira, Sidney Munroe, Maia Ponikowski, and Charlotte Ronson have ideas of what a room would look like, what things would fill it, what they would see when they looked out a window, if they had it their way. Spending formative, imaginative years in close proximity to Franklin Avenue, Mulira, Munroe, Ponikowski, and Ronson made drawings that new collaborative sculptures with Lili Huston-Herteirch are based on. AC Repair Co. will exhibit these sculptural works in the outdoor courtyard. The work will be two doors, to open and close. The exhibition is titled Soft Rug & A Chirping Bird.

This project was generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.