ac repair co.
Nothing Is As Stark As The Body Next To You, AC Repair Co., Toronto

the drake hotel
Boudoir Still Life, The Drake Hotel, Toronto

Showroom, Art Museum, University of Toronto

Interiors, NN, Joshua Tree

the power plant
The Mouth Holds The Tongue, The Power Plant, Toronto

fogo island
2015 Visiting Artist Summer Workshops on Fogo Island, Newfoundland

clint roenisch
The Agency of Aquaintances, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto

jr projects
Brain Jail, Jr. Projects, Toronto

8-11 sauna
Sweat Shorts, 8-11 Gallery, Toronto

carrier arts
Noetic on Accident, Carrier Arts Projects, Toronto

peregrine program
Several Swallowing Egg Sounds, Peregrine Program, Chicago

art metropole
Some New Fires, Art Metropole, Toronto

nodding off with mush, 8-11 Gallery, Toronto

nuit blanche
The current of the hidden underground stream that passes through our bellies and on to yours, Nuit Blanche, Toronto

gallery 44
Shards (Fermentation of a Whole New Earth), Gallery 44, Toronto

birch contemporary
Softening the Corners, Birch Contemporary, Toronto

The Pleasure of a Lazy Laity, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto

Don't Call It A Breakdown, Call It A Breakthrough !, Toronto